Field Ops

Making pragmatic use of today's terrorist-filled headlines, the real-time strategy mash-up Field Ops puts armchair generals to the test by sending them down to the battlefield with a first-person shooting mode.

You'll control the US Special Forces as you span the globe and hunt down terrorists in Cuba, Ukraine, Afghanistan - and eventually all the way back to Manhattan, New York. Each environment looks as wildly different as they sound, and today's batch of shots are fired from the jungles of Santiago, Cuba. Past screens have shown off the shooter nature of the game, but these shots of Field Ops are aimed higher, to give you the bigger strategic picture of the mayhem on the ground.

Despite the Hungarian developer's dubious understanding of how the US Special Operations Group works, this looks to be a fun romp through a plot worthy of a Tom Clancy novel. Look for Field Ops early next year.

September 27, 2006