How to get the Final Fantasy 7 demo secret ending (or just watch it)

FF7 demo secret ending
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Did you know there's a FF7 demo secret ending? Don't worry too much if you missed it as it's not huge thing, but it's there and whether you want to find it, or just see what it was, we're here to help. 

The FF7 demo secret ending takes the form of barely a few seconds of extra footage that, fortunately, aren't hard to trigger at all if you really want to see it. Although we've got it hidden away at the bottoms of this article so you can just skip to the end. If you're a huge Final fantasy 7 fan you might get a shiver from seeing the reveal but it's also not anything you likely haven't seen already in trailers. The question is how to you actually access it?

How to get the FF7 demo secret ending

How to get the FF7 demo secret ending

(Image credit: Square Enix)

There's no great trick to getting the Final Fantasy 7 demo secret ending, you just have to select the 20 minutes option when you plant the bomb. That comes about halfway through the demo when you reach the base of the Mako reactor. 

As long as Barret says you're 'cocky' for choosing the shorter timer the secret ending is locked in. As long as you can get out in time. That's at least not actually that hard: on my first playthrough I made it out with 14 minutes left on the 20 minute countdown, so there's no great rush. 

Once out you'll get cutscene showing the reactor blowing up from the viewpoint of the city, and then a little sizzle reel of gameplay and bits from the game. The FF7 demo secret ending comes after the logo and, if you want to see it, scroll past this image. Obviously a spoiler warning here. 

(Image credit: Square Enix)

So here it is: the FF7 secret demo ending. 

Yeah, I know. It's probably best you saw it here, saved you some time. 

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