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Feature-rich 3DS and PS Vita updates drop today

If your 3DS and PS Vita are both lit up blue today, it doesn't mean they've finally gotten past their rivalry and started sharing risque Wi-Fi communications. Both Sony and Nintendo's portable consoles received significant functionality updates as well as some minor tweaks.

Expanded StreetPass support comes with today's 3DS update. Nintendo Zone locations (which include McDonalds, Starbucks, and more) have been turned into StreetPass relays, so users will connect with whoever last accessed the point. Your 3DS still has to be in sleep mode with Wi-Fi enabled for the magic to happen.

PS Vita games now all have PlayStation Plus access right from their live area for quicker cloud backups and downloads. Commonly used system settings like flight mode, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth can be accessed by holding the PS button. Lastly, you can stream music and videos from a PS3 or PC on the same wireless network just by accessing the appropriate Vita apps. You can find the rest of the patch notes on PlayStation's support site.

If you're planning to hit the road soon, you'd better get downloading.

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