Fatal Inertia weapons showcase

Between F-Zero and Wipeout, you'd think the future-racing genre would be well covered - well, Fatal Inertia hopes to carve out its own hovercraft-loving niche when it launches right alongside the PS3 this fall. Today we've got several new screens to unleash, most of which feature the game's offensive weapons.

Yeah, there's the missile and the energy shield and the smoke screen, but we're pretty excited about firing a glob of magnetic barrels at enemy craft - they actually weigh down the ship depending on where they land, forcing the nose high in the air or dragging the rear fins in the dirt. Oh, and they appear to be stackable too, so you can pour on the annoyance by burying everyone else in obnoxious, glowing things that look a lot like radioactive Combos.

Hit the images tab for even more goodies on Fatal Inertia.

August 10, 2006