Farpoint's story trailer is here - will it be enough to get you excited about PS VR again?

Things have slowed down a bit for PlayStation VR (opens in new tab) since it came out in October, but they may pick up again now that Farpoint is near(point). The sci-fi shooter was built from the ground up as a complete game experience for PSVR - not an extra option, like Resident Evil 7 (opens in new tab)'s VR experience, or a fairly small side game, like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (opens in new tab).

Farpoint tells the story of a pair of scientists stranded on a distant world infested by giant alien bugs (like most distant worlds) and if anything is going to kickstart the PSVR's momentum again, it's this. Take a look.

Yeah, the story trailer could have a stronger start. The facial animations are a bit, er, Andromeda-y in spots.

But it quickly gets into the good bits, which are, respectively:

1) Exploring alien worlds like you're actually there

2) Shooting bugs and robots like they're actually there

Playing Farpoint with the PS VR Aim Controller (opens in new tab), which is like an all-in-one lightgun buddy for FPS VR games, sounds like a treat. Hopefully it's exactly the kind of "can't get this anywhere else" experience that PS VR needs to get rolling again after a quiet few months. You can pick Farpoint up starting on May 16 in the US and the day after in the UK.

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