Far Cry Vengeance - first look

The second problem was that, despite the eye-blitzing visuals and general engine refinement, there still lurked an FPS that, at heart, was actually pretty linear. The bad news? Vengeance isn't about to go freeform. The good news? When you're feral slashing some poor schmo's face with your remote-controlled claws, it doesn't seem to matter anymore. The hairline cracks that could be found in the original Far Cry have been filled - and the cement's called motion control.

Above: Like the previous console Far Cry games, you're on quite a fixed path.

So how does it make use of the Wii controller? Answer: as much as it possibly can. It's a proper air-slashing jungle bloodbath, where you're striking enemies with the Wii-mote to claw at them with your Feral-o-Hands or knife them.

You can imagine how tense Far Cry's stealth marathon will feel as you creep up behind a baddie, Nunchuk poised, then bring your hand down fast to whack him in the back - or push the remote forward to zoom your sniper scope in on a distant corpse-to-be.

We're not too enamoured with the idea of flipping the remote up to jump - that's something even Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz ditched in favour of just pressing a button - but it's clear the Vengeance team are full of ideas. You drive with the Wii remote, you shoot with the Wii remote - you even balance with the Wii remote.