Far Cry Primal update lets you kill the HUD and go full caveman

Far Cry Primal's second major update adds a new option that should please caveman purists and neolithic nature photographers alike. You'll now be able to completely disable the heads-up display, clearing the map of distractions like the minimap and on-screen indicators.

If you want to immerse yourself deeper in the action, but aren't quite ready to give up all the modern conveniences of a HUD, the update also adds a new option to toggle off displaying enemy locations on the minimap - much to the chagrin of your owl buddy who takes so much care marking them for you, I'm sure.

The update also comes with a sweeping selection of bug fixes and optimizations, including a fix that should clear up any problems you may have petting smaller companions. Note that you will still need to tame the little beasts before you can pet them, as I can understand how enthusiasm for cuddling a virtual honey badger may lead you to skip a step or two.

You can check Ubisoft's official forums for the rest of the tweaks. Ubisoft added an extra-tough Expert mode to Far Cry Primal with its day-one patch, so hopefully players can look forward to the same level of post-launch support going forward; you may have noticed Primal doesn't have a season pass, or any other announced plans for DLC, which is a bit unusual for a major Ubisoft game.

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