Fan-made Pokemon Uranium adds more than 100 new Pokemon and Nuclear type

Within a week of the Metroid 2 remake getting released - and immediately shut down - another group of Nintendo fans has decided to try its luck. Meet Pokemon Uranium, a fan-made Pokemon game that introduces a new graphical style, region, the Nuclear Pokemon type, and more than 150 new critters to catch and train.

The game has been in development for nine years, and it's been in a playable beta state for most of that. However, version 1.0 was finally released just earlier this month, and is available to download through the Pokemon Uranium forums.

One caveat: don't go expecting to fire this up on your 3DS and take a walk around town unless you've got some serious modding skills. Other than that, prepare to do what you'd normally do in a Pokemon game: wander from town to town, catching magical animals and battling random strangers on your quest to become the best trainer in the land.

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have been content to let the not-for-profit game run quietly in its own little corner of the internet, but a 1.0 version might draw some unwanted attention from the copyright lawyers. If you're interested in checking it out, I suggest you hurry.

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