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Fan films gone wrong

Nov 14, 2007

You’re not supposed to laugh at someone suffering. But screw the phony bleeding heart sympathy. There’s something undeniably hilarious about people in pain when captured in the right context. The Germans call this shameful pleasure schadenfreude, and we’ve scraped the dregs of fan-made films featuring the most painful and humiliating moments of gamers gone wrong. Enjoy them, you cold-hearted bastard, you.

Above: They don’t call it “World of Warcrack†for nothing. MMOs can be incredibly addicting

The WoW Intervention
Reading news of gamers who are soaddicted to MMOsthat they let their kids die or have heart attacks due to exhaustion isn’t funny. But, listening to some upper middle class parents scold their spoiled son for playing too much WoW is painfully pleasurable. Watch and listen carefully for the part at the end where the son loses it and wrestles with his old man for trying to get between him and his guild.

Below: Do yourself a favor and turn the volume down a tad before listening to this epic family drama