Fallout and Elder Scrolls director Todd Howard wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Todd Howard is the director behind Bethesda's Fallout and Elder Scrolls games - inarguably some of the most absorbing titles of all time, if not in terms of immersion then surely in terms of hours spent playing them. And while it's no Dragonfire of Akatosh or real-life Pip-Boy, Howard himself is about to take home one of the industry's most celebrated treasures: a GDC Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Game Developers Choice Awards won't take place until March 16th, but Howard has already been selected for the Lifetime Achievement Award thanks to his work in pioneering open world design and support for player mods. Two games that Howard oversaw - Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter - are also nominated for GDC Awards; Fallout 4 is up for Game of the Year, Best Design, and Best Technology, while Fallout Shelter is in the running for Best Mobile/Handheld Game.

The ceremony is open to all GDC attendees, but if you're not a game developer nor able to make the trip to San Francisco, you can still watch via Twitch. The awards show begins at 6:30pm Pacific/2:30am GMT.

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Sam Prell

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