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Fallout and Elder Scrolls tabletop publisher announces "epic co-operative" Skyrim board game

The RPG game is coming to a tabletop near you
(Image credit: Modiphius Games)

An "epic co-operative board game" based upon The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been announced.

Publicized as a "campaign preview" on the new tabletop crowdfunding platform Gamefound, creator Modiphius Games (the team behind The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms and Dishonored roleplaying game) isn't giving much away right now, only confirming that the "epic co-operative" adventure will be playable for one to four players (thanks, Polygon) and differs from the Fallout miniatures game as in "this is an adventure board game".

The developer says it will share lots of "design updates in the lead up to launch" and says it will "be showing lots of previews through the updates", so "this was a preview a lot further in advance of usual previews".

"There will be lots of previews of components, gameplay and design blogs in the run up to launch, and a playable demo on Tabletop Simulator to try the game before you decide whether to support the project," Modiphius said.

For more, head on over to the campaign preview page, although pledges are currently not enabled at this draft stage.

ICYMI, Go on Board and CD Projekt Red also recently revealed the new board game, The Witcher: Old World.

Like the Skyrim game they're only showing teasers so far, but the partners have confirmed that the project is headed to Kickstarter this May. It's a competitive board game for two to five players, and it's also an official expansion of The Witcher game canon in the years before Geralt of Rivia embarked on his hunt. 

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