Fallout 76 is getting a public test server and perk loadouts

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Bethesda is planning to roll out a public test server (PTR) and perk loadouts for Fallout 76 as early as next year, along with a host of other substantive quality-of-life improvements. These updates are separate from the massive Wastelanders update releasing this fall, which aims to address a number of core issues players have expressed since launch. Combined, the many different updates coming to Fallout 76 could spell a redemptive 2020 for the troubled MMO.

Along with a PTS and perk loadouts, Fallout 76 plans to roll out multi-factor authentication for increased account security, a legendary system, fixes to the social menu that should address the issue with sending and accepting friend invites, and various public event improvements including cooldown adjustments and performance-based loot. Bethesda says they're "hoping" to get the PTS running by 2020 and perk loadouts are being planned for early 2020. The legendary system has been pushed back to Q1 2020.

Bethesda says they're keeping a close eye on feedback from the Fallout 76 community via Reddit communities, social media, and official forums. Among other updates, the studio says they're looking into, but not yet committing to, adding PC text chat and the ability to rejoin a server after being kicked or dropped.

The announcement also reveals that new details about the Wastelanders update are coming closer to launch. We don't yet know exactly when the supposedly massive Wastelanders add-on will drop, but Bethesda says it will "fundamentally change the way you experience Fallout 76."

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