Fallout 76 has bumped up stash limits again

Fallout 76
(Image credit: Bethesda)

The Fallout 76 stash limit just got a big boost in the game's latest update, making it easy for players to pack in more cool stuff (and junk) than ever before.

The official Bethesda blog reveals that the latest Fallout 76 update has bumped up the stash limit by 50%, which means players can now sock away 1,200 pounds worth of items. Since Fallout 76 is largely about going into the world, picking lots of things up, and then bringing them back home, having more room to store stuff is extremely important.

The update also improves your inventory-related quality of life with new sorting options: new tabs in the inventory now display New, Armor, and Food/Drink items. The latter two are self-explanatory, but the first one displays a list of all the loot you've picked up this session, sorted from the newest to the oldest. It will automatically exclude stacked items that you already had in your inventory, and be aware that the tabbed list will also be wiped if you leave your current world in the middle of a play session (just that tab, not the items themselves).

One last packrat-pleasing update allows you to see both the individual weight and the overall stack weight when you select a stacked item. Other changes in the Fallout 76 patch include a map preview of how many legendary weapons and armor pieces are in player vending machines, and a change to Build Mode to make it easier for players with colorblindness to see object outlines.

Beyond Fallout 76 updates and expansions, one of Bethesda's next projects is an official Indiana Jones game made in collaboration with Lucasfilm.

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