Fallout 4's second major update will hit consoles later this week

Fallout 4's second major post-release patch will roll out to consoles this week, heralding a new dawn of easily rotatable objects and Sole Survivors who always die when they get their heads blown off. Fallout 4 Update 1.3 also fixes a number of quest and companion related bugs, which should help to keep you adventuring smoothly.

You can read the full patch notes on Bethesda's official site, but be forewarned: there are unmarked spoilers relating to certain quest lines and characters in the text. If you've spent all your Fallout 4 time poking through closets and obsessively collecting Nuka Cola Cherry instead of playing through the campaign (like me), you may want to give the specifics a miss.

I'm a little sad to see the living-while-headless glitch go, but I suppose it is for the best. Ideally Bethesda would add in a Fallout: New Vegas style "Wild Wasteland" perk to let you turn the fun glitches back on. Maybe that can be the first stop for Fallout 4 console mods.

A new status menu for settlers in each settlement and the aforementioned object-rotating system (hold the left or right triggers to rotate and click the left thumbstick to switch the axis) are the only new, non-bug-fix features in the update for console players. Bethesda said it plans to add more stuff to Fallout 4 both for free and as part of the Season Pass, so hopefully we hear more soon.

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