Fallout 4 PS4 mod beta "close to ready" says Bethesda

UPDATE: Here's the latest on PS4's Fallout 4 mod release

ORIGINAL STORY: Fallout 4 players on PS4 are this close to getting in on all the modding fun, but there are still a few issues keeping mods from running at 100 percent. Bethesda laid out some extra requirements for mod makers who want their creations to be featured in the upcoming PS4 closed beta, and they outline a system that still needs a few good tweaks.

For now, mods can only be up to 900 MB in size, custom sound files aren't supported since PS4 uses a proprietary sound format, and textures from the PC version of the game are used (which can lead to memory and performance problems, since they're not optimized for the platform). Xbox One had a similar issue with PC textures when it kicked off mod support, but Bethesda was able to resolve that issue within a few weeks. Bethesda says it's working with Sony to rectify all of these problems in a future update.

According to Bethesda, the closed beta update for PS4 mods is "close to ready". Make sure you sign up for beta access on Bethesda.net if you want to try it out early.

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Pictured mod: John Cena Gauss Rifle

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