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Fallout 4 faces run the gamut, from Obama and Geralt to nightmarish abominations

Fallout 4 (opens in new tab)'s character customization is a little different from most - no slides or numerical values to tweak here, just pieces of face to pull and manipulate like putty - but it's nonetheless quite robust. Some players are turning Breaking Bad's Walter White into a wasteland wanderer while others are producing the most unholy of abominations. I can't say I expected different, but it's still fun to see what people have made.

Personally, I tend to recreate my very first Dungeons & Dragons character in any game that offers extensive enough customization. Playing as a celebrity or a different video game character seems like a fun idea though; I can't deny the appeal of playing Geralt of Megaton. "Mmm, claw marks shredded this ghoul. Deathclaw. Mm." What about you? Got a favorite from the gallery above, or care to share your own?

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Liam Neeson

Walter White from Breaking Bad (Bonus: Skyler, too!)

Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher

President Barack Obama

Evil Abed from Community

Arno from Assassin's Creed Unity

Let's call her "Lucy"

Young at heart

First rule of Fallout Club is...

Mario has seen better days

I say good chap, your wife appears to be possessed

She doesn't seem happy to see you

Of course someone made Hitler

Sam Prell
Sam Prell

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