Fallout 4 Charisma video makes friends with a mutant bear

Charisma is one of Fallout 4's "softer" stats - it doesn't let you soak or deal more damage, or even help you carry extra loot - so you might be tempted to leave it hobbled in favor of Strength or Perception. And sure, you could definitely do that… if you don't want to be able to charm a hungry yao guai out of eating your face.

The latest Fallout 4 SPECIAL video from Bethesda demonstrates the various and sundry benefits of the Charisma stat - from becoming a better trader to attracting more friends, and even avoiding the perils of chem addiction; Fallout 4's Endurance SPECIAL might help you hold your drink better, but Charisma will keep you from fiending for more once the hangover wears off.

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