Facebook accidentally reveals the Oculus Quest 2

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Update: the new headset is indeed real and we have a full Oculus Quest 2 review for you to check out now.

Original story: Facebook appears to have accidentally leaked its next VR headset. A pair of videos showing off the Oculus Quest 2 appeared on Facebook Blueprint (via Eurogamer) detailing the new headset’s features, but some of the information has been taken down, suggesting that the software giant didn’t intend to show off its latest hardware efforts this soon.

Confirming the name Oculus Quest 2, an introductory video confirms some of the hardware that the headset will be running on. That includes 6GB of RAM and a new processor, all of which will be displayed on “an almost 4K display” - 50% more pixels than were on offer in the original Oculus Quest. To help store those bigger games, the headset can come with more than 250GB of space built in. All of the games in the Quest’s current library will work on the Quest 2.

To help immerse yourself in the VR experience, the headset comes with audio that changes as you move and more ergonomic controllers. For some titles, you’ll be able to put down the controllers entirely, letting you play with just your hands. The new offering is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, and the strap is softer, making it easier to get on and off.

Much of that information is discussed again in a second video, which has been removed from Facebook’s site, but not before it could be uploaded to YouTube. The site is currently hosting placeholder text and images. Facebook is hosting a Connect developer conference later this week, and the nature of this accidental reveal suggests that it’s preparing to officially unveil the Oculus Quest 2 there, so keep an eye out on September 16 for more information.

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