Fable 2 gets co-op, XBLA game

Peter Molyneux has revealed the final "big secret" in Fable 2; a drop-in, drop-out co-op mode where your friend can visit your Fable world and earn gold. To find out more about this fabulous feature and other Fable 2 tidbits revealed at GDC, check outour preview.

You can also tax your Xbox Live mate for the amount of cash he or she earns, and keep a portion of it for yourself, revealed the Lionhead boss.

Another way to earn money in Fable 2 will be in a roulette style game called Keystone, which will be made available on Xbox Live Arcade "a few weeks" before Fable 2's release, giving you an opportunity to earn tons of gold before the game's even out.

The co-op mode sounds great, but we're really excited about the XBLA link. How else can developers creatively link the two gaming fields? We'll look forward to seeing if Keystone takes off.

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 21, 2008