Fable 2 gameplay footage

Those wacky coders at Lionhead have released their fourth Fable 2 developer diary, which apart from rambling on about art and game design, includes the first proper gameplay footage:

It's looking good, and it ought to because it's likely going to be the Xbox 360's flagship title this Christmas, unless Rare pulls something out of the bag.

The Lionhead sequel's third "big secret" (the first was the dog and the second was Fable 2's lack of character death) is set to be revealed at GDC next month, where Peter Molyneux is bound to talk for far too long while his PR team runs wild.

If previous hints are anything to go by, we're betting on some sort of multiplayer mode or an expansion of the first game's family stuff. We'll let you know when we do.

Courtesy of CVG.