Explore Blaine County in new GTA 5 tourism video

What is there to do in GTA 5's Blaine County, AKA everything in the game that isn't Los Santos? Let Duane Earl of Blaine County Talk Radio extoll the virtues of sandy desolation in a new video on Rockstar's travelogue.

The video is tucked into the "Lovely Accomodations" section--which also gives you a good look at the respective homes of Franklin, Trevor, and Michael--but here's the direct link if you want to jump right to it.

Check out the now-complete travelogue to learn more about Los Santos & Blaine County's celebrity stalking/sightseeing, convenience stores, and opportunities for the criminally inclined--er--upwardly mobile.

GTA 5 will release on Sept. 17 for PS3 and Xbox 360. Its expansive multiplayer component, GTA Online, will kick off two weeks later on Oct. 1.

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