Expendables stay top for second week

There may have been no less than five new releases crammed into US screens this weekend, but it’ll take more than that to dislodge Stallone’s rag-tag collection of bruisers from the top spot.

In fact, The Expendables maintained its box-office crown at a canter, raking in a healthy $16.5 million to bring its overall take up to $64.5 million in the US alone. Not bad going is it? Sly and the boys will be able to buy a fair few protein shakes with that little lot.

Forced to settle for second place was low-budget spoof Vampires Suck , taking a further $12.2 million to add to the $6.3 million scooped on its first two days of release. Considering that it only cost around $20 million to make, it looks as though Fox will soon have a tidy profit on their hands.

Julia Roberts vehicle Eat, Pray, Love continued to perform well in third with a $12 million take, whilst Lottery Ticket ’s (Ice Cube and Bow Wow, together at last…) $11.1 million haul saw it nab fourth spot.

Will Ferrell’s cop-based caper The Other Guys rounds off the top five with another $10.1 million, narrowly edging ou thet slash-and-splash mayhem Piranha 3D . It was a disappointing opener for the fishy flick, which took a meagre $10 million on its box-office debut.

Kiddy sequel Nanny McPhee Returns didn’t fare any better, limping to a seventh placed $8.3 million opening, but the weekend’s major flop was Jennifer Aniston’s latest rom-com The Switch , whose fertility-based chuckles fell flat to the tune of just $8.1 million.

Inception dumped another $7.6 million in the coffers to cling on to a spot in the top ten, but poor old Scott Pilgrim endured another torrid weekend, with audiences tailing off by more than 50% to leave it in tenth place with just $5 million. It’s a travesty we tell you!

Fingers crossed Edgar Wright’s flick can make a resurgence next week, although with a re-released Avatar swaggering back into town, we’re not holding our breath…

George Wales

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