Exclusive: Dario Argento on Suspiria remake

Horror genius Dario Argento has spoken to Total Film about the planned remake of his classic Suspiria, and we hope he's not disappointed with the final product.

Especially as he hasn't been consulted. "I wasn't involved with the project - I don't know anything. I haven't spoken with (director) Green, or the producers. I don't know what the screenplay is."

But he's not a fan of modern American horror cinema. "The American directors do many thousands of horror films, with no story - they're just sadistic, no story, no psychology, no character, nothing - just action, action, action. Like a crazy car - it just drives 'Rrrrrraaaaa'."

Yes, our favourite horror director really did do an impression of a crazy car for us.

He didn't like the remake of Dawn Of The Dead (the film George A Romero wrote in Rome, at Argento's behest), either: "It was too artificial. Also, I don't like Halloween: The Beginning. The director isn't bad, but the film, really no. The original from John - great film, wonderful, wonderful."

Let's hope Suspiria turns out more like the latter than the former. And until then, we've got Mother Of Tears (the final film in the Three Mother trilogy Suspiria started) DVD release to look forward to on the 28th April.

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