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EX Troopers TGS 2012 video demo - See Capcom's other Lost Planet sequel in action

Capcom is rightly making a big deal about its upcoming game Lost Planet 3 (opens in new tab), but that western-developed prequel to the series isn't the only return to the icy world the publisher has planned, though many English-speaking players might not be aware of it. Before LP3 launches early next year, this November Japan will get the Lost Planet spin-off EX Troopers (opens in new tab), which launches on both PS3 and 3DS. A shooter set in the same frozen world that features similar enemies as LP3, EX Troopers ditches the gritty science fiction, replacing it with cel-shaded graphics and anime sensibilities. Though Capcom has no announced plans to release it outside of Japan, you can see what you'll be missing right now in the PS3 gameplay demo below.

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