Everyone (except Wii owners) getting Sonic CD in time for holiday season

If it seemed like not much an official fanfare was being made of the triumphant return of Sonic CD in the form of an XBLA port, perhaps that’s only because the game’s new audience is much wider than that. Sega has announced that the game will be making it to pretty much every platform you give a damn about by the end of the year, unless you give a damn about something that’s not XBLA, PSN, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone. Notable by its exception is the platform plenty of people still technically give a damn about, the Wii. Wii. Is the Sega/Nintendo enmity making a late comeback? (No).

In an excuse that carries a whiff of that old “the SNES doesn’t have the technology to render blood” chestnut, Sega has explained that the WiiWare platform lacks the chops necessary to replicate the CD-quality sound of the technologically-mindblowing-circa-1993 original – so, no Sonic CD for Wii owners. Everyone else, on the plus side, will get both sets of audio, Japanese and English – which is basically the best possible answer to the first question everyone would inevitably be asking. Exact release dates haven’t yet been given, but the title will be available on all the listed platforms by year’s end, and a playable demo will be available at PAX this weekend.

Aug 25, 2011

Source: Joystiq