Every Extend Extra hands-on

Game designing icon Tetsuya Mizuguchi dropped by our offices last week to show off his latest mind-boggling chaos puzzle, Every Extend Extra. We'll try to break down this disco kaleidoscope of a game into something human beings can understand, because it's totally nuts and packed with bizarre cosmic mayhem.

The basic idea is that you have a number of little bomb-like objects cruising across the screen, and it's your job as a tiny, spinning, geometric suicide bomber to detonate near them and create explosive chain reactions... oh yeah, and you're timed, so you need to get a certain number of explosions linked together in a limited time.

Occasionally, once the bombs explode, they'll release crystals that come in four different flavors: pink crystals are called Quickens and speed up the whole game, green crystals are simply bonus points, yellow crystals give you a time extension and solid yellow dots serve as time bombs that explode after a short delay.