EverQuest II: Echoes of Faydwer - deity details

We got down on our knees last night and our prayers for more information on EverQuest II: Echoes of Faydwer's new Belief System have been answered.

As you adventure through Faydwer you’ll encounter various NPC priests prophesizing the return of the old Gods of Norrath. After swearing allegiance to one of eight deities vying for control over Norrath's populace, you'll receive a small starter altar for your home and open a new line of deity quests. In addition to granting the usual experience and item rewards, completing these quests will grant you favor towards your God.

You can think of favor as the currency of the Gods and can pray at your altar to purchase Miracles or Blessings. As you level up you can also acquire larger altars which require less favor.

In the example we were given, a Dark Elf Shadowknight might choose to worship Innorruuk, the God of Hate. After swearing allegiance to the dark lord, you'll receive a small starter altar and some favor. After building up enough favor by completing deity quests you could pray for the following Miracle:

Name: Lure of Innoruuk
Effect: Charms a creature for 10 seconds. At the end of thattime, the creature frenzies on a target attacking a largenumber of times and burning itself out in the process.
Duration: 10 Seconds

It looks like Sony is trying to shake things up by adding the Belief System to the mix. Although they are extremely powerful, your favor is limited and their durations are brief which means you'll probably want to save them for especially difficult quests or group raids.

But there's a lot more in store for EverQuest fans besides the Belief System. You canclick hereforour hands on preview or click on the images tab above for acloser lookat the new horse mounts and the clockwork copter, a pet available for players who purchase the retail version of the game.

November 8, 2006