Even more Fast & Furious

Muscle man Vin Diesel has revealed that there are two more Fast & Furious flicks revving into production.

Writing on his Facebook page, he has said that two back-to-back flicks have been pitched to him by the studio behind the rest of the franchise.

“If 2009's Fast and Furious was chapter one, what writer Chris Morgan just delivered is Chapter 2 and Chapter 3,” the actor scribbled.

He went on to add:

“I have never been submitted a two story saga from a studio before…it is very exciting and shows a commitment level that is hard not to respond to.

“Excited about the sexy locations the filming of this saga would take us…this novel-like story, that has twists and unexpected turns that is authentic, truthful and challenging to the characters.”

The word ‘saga’ in relation to Fast & Furious seems a bit rich to us, but we’ll go with it.

Seems like Diesel will be shrugging on the shades as Dominic Toretto once more. We wonder if any of the other franchise regulars will be getting back into the hot seat?

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