Eve Online gets internet TV show

EVE TV, which proudly declares itself "The world's first virtual world television station dedicated to an MMO" has gone live.

Dedicated to CCP's space-based MMO Eve Online, it broadcasts weekly and offers "the very latest in-depth news, in-game skirmishes, market trends, human interest stories, exclusive interviews and game-related features in a professional and entertaining weekly production" explains MMM Publishing Ltd, which has co-launched EVE TV with CCP.

Oliver Skelding, MMM Publishing's MD, says EVE TV is the next level in ground-breaking virtual media.

"It's a world first, providing communication to a community on a scale never before seen, giving players a platform to communicate with each other beyond mere web forums and podcasting. EVE TV is focused on player-led news and events and provides unparalleled access to behind the scenes information about the game. EVE TV is designed by the players, about the players, for the players," Skelding added.

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June 25, 2007