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European retailer selling 3DS for $200

Dutch retailer,Bart Smitis currently listing Nintendo’s 3DS at 170 Euros, which roughly translates to $200 and £140. Seriously?! If you’re keeping score, that’s merely $10 more than the DSi XL, and even more hilariously, less than a PSPgo. Obviously, there are other factors involved and prices are subject to change even when items are available for preorder, which the 3DS currently is not. But if we’ve learned anything from this business, it’s that even when online retailers ruin announcements and clumsily break embargos by leaking information, it’s more often than not, accurate.

Above: You're going to want to move fast, those Zwarts sell out quickly

Such low listing seems incredibly unlikely, if only becauseindustry analysts have predicted prices closer to $250 and $300. But one can’t deny that such a price would place the 3DS in a more than competitive position with the Sony’s renewed interest in the PSP, not to mention Holiday competition with Microsoft’s Kinect, which has been rumored to release at $149. Plus, the original DS launched at under $200, and outside of the 3D aspects of the new handheld, the3DS’s similar hardwaredoesn’t appear as if it should necessitate a drastic increase in overhead. Logistically, it almost looks like the only reason Nintendo would charge more than $250 for the 3DS, is because it can and still sell millions.

Either way, the Nintendo 3DS March release window is closer than you think, so we should be hearing more very soon. Let’s keep those fingers crossed for $199.99 sticker!

Jun 30, 2010