Eureka 1.02 Many Happy Returns review

The One Where: Walter’s wife comes back.

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AIR-DATE: 25/07/06

Written by:
Andrew Cosby and Jaime Paglia

Jeferey Levy (yes, really)

Neil Grayston, Rob LaBelle, Jennifer Clement, Meshach Peters

Rating: 4/5

Sarah, the widow of Walter, is buried. But then surprises everyone by turning up at the police station. Turns out that this Sarah is Walter’s real wife, who left him seven years ago before he built a clone of her to have children.

Meanwhile, local Eureka resident Fargo gives Carter a place to stay. A former nuclear bunker has now been converted into an ultra contemporary underground apartment with SARAH as his in-home computer. As Carter settles into Eureka, he also meets the facility’s chief researcher, Nathan Stark, who he discovers is married to, if not with, Allison.

People are experiencing strange power cuts and seeing a dark figure. It turns out to be Walter. He didn’t die after all, but was caught up in a different time stream.

This is very much a second episode that sets up what the series is actually likely to be like more than the pilot manages. Carter’s already bedded in as the town’s new police chief and the show’s quirkiness feels unforced. The script also boasts some smarter, better lines than the pilot and has a more intriguing premise. Also, it’d be interesting whether the new Sarah eventually leaves Walter again or whether the writers wimp out and go for the happy ending…

Carter: “Oh Fargo, you’ve got to get yourself a girlfriend!” (After being shown around Fargo’s dream home)

Steve O'Brien

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