Epic Mickey creator wishes he could be on PS3, Xbox 360 - but nobody asked

Nintendo devoted a good five minutes of its E3 2010 press conference allowing the developers of Epic Mickey to show how their game works so wellbecause it's run exclusively on the Wii, where motion controls seal the deal. But now the man at the head of production basically says, "Hey, this could easily be done with Kinect or PlayStation Move."

Disney's Warren Spector's exact quote, when asked by AtomicGamer.comif Epic Mickey could be brought to other consoles, is, "Before Move and Kinect I probably would have said no, because the game is built around gesturing. Now, however, there's no reason technologically why we couldn't. But that decision is really above my pay grade, and no one's asked me for a port."

Hey Microsoft and Sony - here's a little hint for ya: ASK.

It seems like a bit of a slight to Nintendo, which has helped Spector's team bring attention to game largely because it was implied that it would be a Wii exclusive. His comments in that interview suggest that there is no actual exclusivity agreement, though.

Beyond that, Spector's comments highlight how most third-party game creators look at the three competing motion-sensing technologies. So one of them has a glowing orb, one doesn't use a controller, and one has already been around for four years. In the end, most people who aren't paid to gush over one particular format don't actually see much of a difference at all.

Above: Seriously. What's the difference?

So here we have all of the big console players each trying to come up with something that is so unique, something that will differentiate each of them. Yet the reality is now we have developers saying that there could be more multi-platform games than before. Imagine that.

Well, regardless, we're still looking forward to Epic Mickey as a game with huge potential and something that will push the Wii out of its casual comfort zone. Even if it does find its way over to another console at some point, this Wii title will undoubtedly be one of the biggest holiday releases this year. You should check out the source link and read the rest of the interview, too. It's good stuff.

Source:Atomic Gamer

Aug 09, 2010

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