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Epic Mickey concept art is epic eye candy

Epic Mickey is one of the Wii's most artistic endeavours, and that's largely due to the work of artists such at A.J Trahan. Since the game's release, Trahan has been drip feeding his blog readers with concept pieces from Epic Mickey, and his latest batch look worthy of their own gallery.

Here are some examples:

Trahan spent two and a half years working on Epic Mickey for Junction Point. His other projects include designs for the 2011 filmPanzer 88 (opens in new tab)and striking compositions inspired by the Dune series of books. These and more Epic Mickey concept pieces are all worthy of closer inspection atTrahan's personal blog (opens in new tab).

Dec 23, 2010

[Source:A.J Trahan (opens in new tab)viaGameSetWatch (opens in new tab)]

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