Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - hands-on

You’ll notice that each mission objective requires a different character class. As you help your team - either by scoring kills or completing objectives - you’ll gain experience and weapon upgrades. This encourages players to form a more diverse team, since an army of soldiers would fail to pass the first objective in this mission.

We’ll be honest, when it comes to online shooters, it’s not unusual for us to die from a rocket to the back of our head seconds after spawning. But that doesn’t matter in ETQW because there’s so much going on and you always feel like you’re contributing to your team. If strafing fire fights usually end with someone tea bagging you - as they dance around your corpse - both the Strogg and GDF have a wide selection of powerful air and ground vehicles. From our brief time with the game, our favorite was definitely the Strogg’s Goliath Heavy Walker. This monstrous mech made mincemeat out of GDF’s tanks, ensuring that it never sat idle in our base for long after spawning.