Embarrassing game magazine covers

Without a doubt, Street Fighter has been featured on more magazine covers than any game. Period. Yes, even more than Sonic and Mario. For one, Capcom dropped more quality SF titles, more frequently, so that helped. But more importantly, the very business of the game magazines took off at around the same time as the Street Fighter craze. Want proof?

Above: Don’t think SFII was massive? Using only the SNES box art, EGM wrote a 15 PAGE PREVIEW on an arcade port. That’s almost two pages per character!

Above: “Ooooo… Someday I’ll get that Guile and his Street Fighters!”

Above: Maybe if Gamefan didn’t use up all the blue paint on its stupid mascot, the SF gang wouldn’t have to fight in their alt costumes

Above: Here we see T-Hawk posing for Playgirl – I mean, the family friendly Nintendo Power!

Above: Ryu better take that haircut back to Tekken where it belongs

Above: Once again, Gamefan puts its dumbass mascot above its cover story

Above: Bison, seen here fresh from a couple hits off the crack pipe and wielding Wonder Woman’s lasso

Above: Mortal Kombat so wishes it could still share a cover with Street Fighter

Above: Every character here looks like they’re charging up a power dump

Above: With no SF character assets left to go around, Hyper settles on a Cammy seemingly made of origami

Above: Guile’s Sonic Kick charges a boring call out for Nintendo passwords

Above: Easy, Chun-Li! It looks like Dhalsim is surrendering

Above: Okay, this has officially gone too far!

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