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Elephant Juice review

Few films have the power to make you despise all of society, but this is one of them. From the creator (Amy Jenkins) and director (Sam Miller) of TV's This Life comes another slice-of-London living, complete with a prickly hard-nosed Scottish bitch, a lawyer, a gay couple and someone who works in a café.

So far, so This Life, but while the TV series had the time to explain the intensity of its self-absorbed characters, Elephant Juice just presents them in all of their awfulness and leaves it at that. So what we have is a poorly-edited, made-for-TV flick about a load of loathsome people.

Add in drugs, drinking, and suicide and you see why Harvey Weinstein pulled the plug on the UK branch of Miramax films. After all, would you want people to make this sort of toss with your money?

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