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Elder Scrolls Online is getting a new in-game currency that you can use on loot box items

Elder Scrolls Online
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Elder Scrolls Online is getting a new in-game currency that you can spend on loot box items, which currently you can only buy using real-world money.

Endeavors is a new system coming to Elder Scrolls Online as part of June's update 30 that, for the first time in ESO history, lets you acquire loot box (Crown Crate in ESO lingo) without busting out your credit card.

As detailed by ZeniMax Online (via Eurogamer), Endeavors will be added to the Elder Scrolls Online base game, so it isn't locked behind any paid expansions and it'll be available on all platforms. Endeavors are new daily and weekly tasks that you can complete to earn gold, experience, and a new currency called Seals of Endeavors. It's those sweet, sweet seals that you'll be able to take to the Crown Store and spend on any currently available Crown Crate items including potions, XP scrolls, pets, cosmetics, and even the rare Radiant Apex mounts.

The amount of seals you get depends on the day and challenge level of the endeavors you're completing. Just a few of the activities the Endeavors system will task you with include stealing or pickpocketing items, completing quests, defeating enemies with class or weapon abilities, and selling items to vendors. 

There will be a cap on how many endeavors you can complete in a given day or week, but you'll be able to save up any seals you've earned indefinitely if you don't see anything in the store you want.

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