Eight crap games running on great technology

One of the few current-gen console games to boast full and bloody body damage (for delicious meat cubes in seconds), yet strangely glossed over by ultra-conservative protectors of decency such as Alan Titchmarsh and Julia Peasgood (YouTube ‘em if you don’t know). Why? Probably because it was rubbish and no one played it. For the sadistic, however, the limb-ripping action courtesy of the CloakNT engine was worth the price of admission, lending the game a Red Faction vibe – if bodies were leveled instead of buildings. Gory, yes, but about as exciting as tearing the legs of your sister’s Barbie dolls without the bonus of watching her cry afterwards.

Above: Remember this part? Of course you don't, who the hell does

Worst bit: Enemies seemingly made from wet tissue paper that fall apart at the slightest touch.