Edgar Wright teases The World's End with new pic

Fans of Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz have been waiting patiently for Edgar Wright, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg to team up once more, and it seems now that work has finally begun on making that dream a reality.

Wright had long promised that those two films would be joined by a third to complete what he refers to as The Blood And Ice Cream Trilogy , and took to Twitter to post the above image, accompanied by the teasing message, “Hard at work.”

As you can see, there’s little more to go on in terms of plot or genre, but we’re just happy to see Pegg and Wright in the same room together, seemingly pooling their creative brainpower to get a third film off the ground.

Fans had initially hoped to see the film back in 2009, but thanks to the increasing Hollywood profile of both stars and director alike, it has taken until now for their respective schedules to align themselves.

2014 has been mooted as a tentative release target for The World’s End , the same year that Wright’s Ant-Man is set to arrive in cinemas. No more delays please – a four year gap between Edgar Wright movies is quite enough, thank you.

George Wales

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