Earth No More

“The tension created by putting a group of strong, often incompatible characters into a high-stress scenario also allows us to explore all kinds of interesting story directions, as well as to contextualize all the action in the game,” explains Van Lierop. “Action doesn’t just occur in a vacuum - things happen because people make difficult, often flawed decisions about how they are going to react to a stimulus in their environment. This sounds obvious, and yet how often have you stopped playing a game because you had no idea why you were in room X fighting enemy Y? We never want players to have that feeling in Earth No More.”

Well, so far we’ve got ourselves a shooter trying on certainitems from the cinematic metaphorical clothes rack, but there’s a certain area in which games clearly have an upper hand over the silver screen. Namely, that you’re one of the stars of the show - and thereby get to throw a wrenchinto proceedings.

Earth No More will allow the player to react to the ever-evolving gameplay situation as he or she sees fit. Oftentimes, the player will be faced with situations that will include several layers of potential consequences and moral dilemma,” explains Syvähuoko. “Each decision that the player makes will have an impact on the way the other characters view him. They will remember each situation and form a cumulative opinion about the player - sometimes resulting in drastic consequences, and sometimes something completely the opposite.”