EA announces Create

In what looks like a stab at Sackboy wonder, EA’s Play label just pulled back the curtain on Create, an “imagination-powered” game coming this November to every single console that isn’t a DS or PSP. Yes, even Mac users are getting the love.

Create looks like it’s embarking on an open-ended mission similar to that of LBP, in that it’s doing the heavy lifting by building an enormous digital canvas, then providing players with every conceivable tool they need to move, customize, decorate, and play in unpredictable directions.

The press release doesn’t shy away from the word using the word “families” in abundance, but those of you who’ve delved deep in LBP know full well that the experience can be the furthest thing from “casual.” If you don’t believe us, take a gander at the Rube Goldbergian level of versatility in the announcement trailer alone.

And for what Create may lack in Sack boys and Sackgirls, at least they’re making up for with a variety of characters. You can see the game pimping a Troll/Orc thingy, as well as a giant, Voltron-esque robot character right out of the gate, so it’s implied that customizable playables won’t immediately come at a nickel-and-dime, DLC premium. Look forward to more game details, not to mention user-generated remixes a’plenty, as we move closer to Creates November launch window.

Aug 2, 2010