EA announces Boogie

Wewere goingto show you this tomorrow, but thanks to the unpredictable internet, the announcement of EA Montreal’s brand new Wii dancing game, Boogie, was leaked a day early. We flew to Quebec last month to witness the game's first unveiling.

Boogie isn’t just about waving a Wiimote around like you’re Travolta -it’s a frankengame that combines dancing, karaoke, and custom music videos. Thesinging aspect has shoveled a bit more fodder into rumors of a Wii microphone, but we’ve yet to hear any official word from EA or Nintendo on the matter.

Above: He's not kicking a suprised invisible gnome - the eyeballs are your cursor

According to EA, Boogie "takes advantage of the innovative Wii controls to get gamers off their couch, playing and dancing to a new beat." Based on what we saw in Quebec, we're assuming that actually dancing is optional, though the inebriated developers at the eventseemed to have no problem gettin' down.

Hit the Images tab above to see more disco inferno and decide for yourself.We'll also have gameplayfootage from the Quebec demo as soon as we can post it.

March 22, 2007