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E3 2012: Resident Evil 6 demo of Leon gameplay is less exploding-y, much more classic survival horror-y

A lot of what we've seen of Resident Evil 6 so far has been exploding blockbuster nuts-out turbo-action, so it's nice to see things are more reminiscent of classic Resi survival-horror shits 'n' scares in this Leon and Helena gameplay demo from Capcom-Unity at E3.

It's creepy, it's atmospheric (even with the ambient sounds of the E3 showfloor bleeding into the audio), there's a scant supply of ammo and it's got blood all over it. Also, observe how Leon can push and jump and dive and slide and kick and punch and elbow and roll and shoot and move all at the same time. In the words of Capcom - it's a 'revelaiton'.

Have a watch (and check for a sexy cameo from erstwhile GR man Brett Elston at the end):

Matt Cundy
Matt Cundy
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