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E3 2012 Best of Xbox Showcase - A video tour of Microsoft's showing

Microsoft’s got the corporate dough to throw some lavish parties, and we’ve got interest in the games they’re highlighting. So it only makes sense that GamesRadar would attend the Best of Xbox Showcase at this year’s E3, where many of the platform’s most exciting games were all playable on the floor. Armed only with a mic, a camera, and our wits (or lack thereof), we took the party by storm - mainly via their cogent commentary and immaculate dance moves. See for yourself!

Among those seen in the video, we got quality hands-on time with Hitman: Absolution, Resident Evil 6, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Mark of the Ninja, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Fable: The Journey, Forza Horizon, and more. We’re looking forward to playing these games as they near release – check back at for everything Xbox related.