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E3 2010: The Halo: Reach trailer is ridiculously more exciting than the actual game

The purpose of any good trailer is to sex up the thing it's selling. That or give you informative warnings about head lice prevention. So we get that games sometimes appear more exciting than they actually are when they're compressed down into 90 second chunks, with ninja editing skills and a rousing soundtrack.

But bugger us if watching the Halo: Reach trailer then seeing theplayable footage from Microsoft's E3 conference isn't the equivalent of Songs of Praise being advertised with a Debby Does Dallas trailer. Take a ganderbelow to see what we're talking about.

Zzzzz... what? What's going on? Where are we? Mommy? OK, so we're being somewhat harsh. But there's no denying how much more frenetic the action appears in the trailer. That said, as Grunts as our witness, we really are looking forward to those dogfights.

But what do you think? Are we being a bit unfair to the Reach footage? Do you still care about Halo? The comments await your words.

June 15, 2010