E3 2010 games to watch: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier preview

WithE3 nearly upon us, we're taking more snapshots of the games we're hoping to learn more about at the bustling trade show. As the second part of our twice-weekly previews showcasing the most aniticipated titles, we're breaking down everything we know about the latest in a long line of Tom Clancy games. Do you suppose he has anything to do with these anymore? Must be nice to slap your name on something and watch the money roll in. Still, that doesn't affectthe game, which could be badass-tastic anyway.

Above: A very real future in store for tomorrow's soldiers

WhyFuture Soldieris one to watch:

  • The crazy, seemingly ultra sci-fi technology used by soldiers in the game is based on real prototypes the military is developing.
  • Because your squad relies on stealth tech to sneak behind enemy lines, a big focus of the game is on close quarters combat, which is unusual for a shooter. There will be a lot of sneaky, brutal melee kills. The bone-crunching moves are inspired by Krav Maga, the martial artofIsraeli commandos.
  • Unlike so many current-gen shooters, Future soldier isn't washed in browns, oranges, and more browns. We've seen a slicker look with a sharp palette of bright blues, greens and whites. It still maintains a cohesive "look" but one thankfully away from the endless deserts we're so tired of.

Above: Glowing eye-goggles and swirly inviso-camo can be a part of our arsenal any day

  • The gamewill attemp%26ldquo;seamless transition%26rdquo; between single-player and multiplayer.We're likelygoing to seesplit-screen, jump in/jump out co-op %26ndash;with possibly for up to four players.
  • The Link-Up system allows you to tether squadmates to a radius around you with the tap of a button. Not only should it make worrying about dumb AI extinct, but it may even make for some interesting "driving the ship" multiplayer dynamics.
  • In multiplayer matches, going solo could get you captured by the enemy, giving away precious info about your team. Hopefully, this won't be a favorite tool of griefers.
  • Newtoys:Turrets on ground drones,direct steering for air drones, shoulder-mounted rocket launchers that can fire independently of your aim,and bullet-eating electromagnetic shields.
  • Instead of fighting through the same crumbling Middle Eastern villages and American suburbs, Future Soldier takes you to Europe,from thefjords of Norway toicy woods of Russia.

So does Future Soldier sound like it carries the tactical, realistic tone of Tom Clancy faithfully into slightly sci-fi believability, or does it just seem too out there and cartoony?Let us know in the comments or through our portals onFacebook (opens in new tab)andTwitter (opens in new tab).

May8, 2010

Matthew Keast
My new approach to play all games on Hard mode straight off the bat has proven satisfying. Sure there is some frustration, but I've decided it's the lesser of two evils when weighed against the boredom of easiness that Normal difficulty has become in the era of casual gaming.