E3 09: Secrets of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 trailer revealed

FIFA 10 fired the first shot in anger in the upcoming footie video game season, and so far it looks like a 30 yard screamer. With 360° dribbling an improved defensive game and smarter A.I. team-mates, Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series is going to have to go some to take the title from EA. Thankfully, the first batch of screenshots and trailer look good, and potentially point to a return to league-winning form. Below you’ll find the first official trailer, with a detailed breakdown of shots from the frenetic football action.

So what are the essential match facts from above, then?

To kick things off, its clear Konami have been spending much of their time improving character models and strips. The screen below shows a considerable increase in detail over 2008’s game.

It’s a pity, mind, that this increase in graphical fidelity probably won’t make much difference, especially playing the game in the definitive wide camera view.

More encouraging is the very brief glance we get of the muted new animation engine. Even though it's brief, player movement - running in particular - looks more weighty, natural and convincing.

Bet on Konami securing most of the big European licenses. And after capturing the Europa League, Konami may well include more teams from lesser known European divisions - like Hearts from the Scottish SPL or AC Omonia from Cyprus. The official Liverpool license is also in, but we're not sure what other officially endorsed team is joining them. We wouldn't put many readies on it being Burnley, mind.

For those with sharp eyes, the trailer alludes to various tactical and statistical elements, like pressure level, receiving position, attacking style and position switch. This most likely means more tactical settings in the formation menu than ever before. And we'll probably be able to assign these to the pre-set tactics' buttons before matches, to be deployed on the fly during games when the situation calls for it.

Peepers not yet satiated by the soccer action above? Cast them down to the screenshots below.

Above: Eto'o leaps like a salmon, before delivering a towering header

Above: Fernando Torres, or El Niño to his mates, storms through Barca's defence

Like what you've seen of PES 2010 so far? What elements excite or worry you? Do you think Konami's game can overhaul FIFA 10 in the race for footie fans' wallets? Let us know in the comments section below.

June 04, 2009

David Meikleham
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