E3 08 like a "convention for plumbers" says UK PlayStation boss

E3 08 was like a "convention for plumbers", Sony Computer EntertainmentUk bossRay Maguire has told GamesRadar's sister site, TechRadar, although "behind closed doors, there was a decent amount of business going on."

Yes, we were doing some work while living it up in Los Angeles.

Above: Plumber's Convention - more fun than E3?

Other factoids to come out of the TechRadar Ray Maguire interview include:

  • Hints that two of Sony's headline E3 press conference games - InFamous and MAG - will not be showcased at Leipzig.
  • No price cut in the immediate future for PlayStation 3 in the UK (although TechRadar points out it's still not ruled out for the Christmas period).
  • Europe's big first party PS3 titles for the holiday season will be LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm: Pacific Drift and Resistance 2.
  • Still no official 'release date' for PlayStation 3's social network/game lobby portal Home, although Maguire tells us to expect something new at Leipzig. GamesRadar was informed semi-officially at E3 that we could expect to see a Home open beta roll out in October this year.

And that's about it. Interestingly, the interview makes no mention of Sony's other big European-based development Heavy Rain, in production at French studio Quantic Dream. Odd because it's already been demoed at E3 in a secret-ish presentation, and we've been assured it will make it's first public appearance since 2006 at the Leipzig Game Convention. At least there's something new for PlayStation 3 owners to look forward to, then...