E3 08: E3 in numbers!

The average game player age is 35.

14 is the average number of horrible over chilled, free, boxed lunches the average games writer consumes during E3

In 2008 26% of gamers were over the age of 50.

13 is the average number of years adult gamers have been playing computer or video games.

74% of these have never known love.

At E3 2008 48% of attendees smiled and nodded at people while surreptitiously trying to glance at their name badges to figure out why they think they know them.

59% of gamers play games with other gamers in person.

89% of E3 attendees are operating under the influence of alcohol after day one.

Best selling video game genre in 2007 is the action genre accounting for 22.3% of units sold.

18% of E3 attendees experience tummy trouble and are forced to spend 2% of their E3 time sitting on the toilet trying to stifle the cracking and popping noises emitting from their anus.

The average age of the most frequent game purchaser is 40.

The average age of the most frequent video game pirate is 16.

63% of parents believe video games are a positive part of their children’s lives.

63% of parent aren’t really aware of the kind of content contained in their children’s video games.

44% of online game players are female.

38% of these are men.

E3 is populated by: 14% attractive PR girls. 27% marketing/sales men sweating in heavy wool suits. 9% TV men dragging camera equipment. 40% games writers. 10% clinically obese games writers.

37 is the number of times per day that the average games writer imagines himself in coitus with a booth babe.

38% of E3 attendees don’t want to be here.

Jul 17, 2008