E3 07: Top 7... reasons E3 sucks

By now, you should have gotten the message that E3's Barker Hangar location is weak. As well as being in a location so remote that even local cab drivers don't know where to find it, there's an overriding whiff of amateurism, unbefitting of the multi-billion dollar industry it's supposed to represent.

While individual publishers have made the best of their Santa Monica-based hotel locations to show off their latest games, the main event (that used to be in the LA Convention Center) has devolved from a colossal, endlessly exciting games zoo, full of geeks and costumed booth babes, to a carpeted garage, half-filled with disappointed journalists.

We don't want to sound like moaning bastards - the rest of E3 has yieldedsomebigsurprises and a load of great games. But we defy anyone who's attended previous shows to try and claim that the Barker Hangar was a good idea. Want reasons? Here's seven for you.

July 13, 2007